Emerald Ash Borer @ Fairy Lake -step 1 to 3

This carving is to educate all about this non native ash destroying insect; the Emerald ash borer EAB. It caused the cutting of 500+ ash tree in this small park. The strange thing at the base of the carving is the segmented EAB larvae.

Snapping turtle @ Fairy Lake -step 1 to 3

This was a challenge for two reasons; 1/ the tree was three stumps that separated about 2 feet above the ground and 2/ I wanted a realistic sculpture of a snapping turtle that only a mother snapping turtle could love.😘:-)

Ducks @ Fairy Lake -step 2

Final day for getting my ducks in a row. Most challenging was the male duck feeding at the back of the line. Eventually got the look I wanted.

Monarch @ Fairy Lake -step 3

Then came the detailing. Always the most important, always the most challenging. I’m happy with the 3 chrysalis’ and the added metal to enhance the antennae and legs. I’m truly learning more and more about Monarch butterflies as I go. For an example, Monarchs are insects with six legs, dehowever, they have tiny front legs […]

Ducks @ Fairy Lake -step 1

I’m truly getting ‘my ducks in a row’. Starting carving three more stumps along Fairy Lake. The challenge is ensuring mom’s duck beak stays strong, therefore, I carved grasses behind the beak. Just started roughing out three ducklings in the next stump, chasing Mom!

Monarch @ Fairy Lake -step 2

It was crazy windy and stormy out today. Got a half day of carving in. Worked on the wings and chrysalis’. Feeling good about it indeed.

Monarch @ Fairy Lake -step 1

I’m finally carving at Fairy Lake in Southampton. I’m tackling the biggest stump first, a monarch butterfly feeding on a milkweed flower. Chrysalis’ hang on the leaves. Much still to do. Muscles getting a good work out!