Need the Human Touch

This sculpture will be fully assembled for the Elora Sculpture Project. The piece stresses the importance of the human touch in communication, shown by the hand exploding out of the cell phone.

2019 chainsaw carving

It has been a great year of carving in 2019. Birds, on- site carving of a stump, sand carving and always an assortment of bears and good looking guys😀

For Sale-Five Foot Carved Bear

Just finished carving a 5 foot bear on a 2 foot stump. The wood is white pine. The bear has not been finished, that is why I am willing to sell him as is for $450.00. In two weeks I’ll be finishing him up much like the bears on my site ( Then the price […] is now online!

It took some serious web design learning, however, (aka is now functional. Still need to ‘chip away’ at some of the rough parts of the site. Check it out – it’s all about chainsaw carving (sorry, no chainsaw juggling).