Loading up on carving blocks

It’s that time of year to load up on carving wood for the summer season. I’m not as organized as some Carvers that already have much of their summer inventory of carvings underway. I see so many potential carvings from these beautiful blocks of wood!

Need the Human Touch

This sculpture will be fully assembled for the Elora Sculpture Project. The piece stresses the importance of the human touch in communication, shown by the hand exploding out of the cell phone.

My new carving tool

This unique gizmo that attaches to a angle grinder allows me to carve those tricky hard to reach places.

Homeless Guys

Looking for a deal in outdoor decor? These fellows are mostly coffee table height. Perfect for placing plants and your favorite beverage on whole enjoying the outdoors. Deal: 50% off ($100/ carving reduced to $50). Ends April 1, 2020.

Emerald Ash Borer @ Fairy Lake -step 1 to 3

This carving is to educate all about this non native ash destroying insect; the Emerald ash borer EAB. It caused the cutting of 500+ ash tree in this small park. The strange thing at the base of the carving is the segmented EAB larvae.

Snapping turtle @ Fairy Lake -step 1 to 3

This was a challenge for two reasons; 1/ the tree was three stumps that separated about 2 feet above the ground and 2/ I wanted a realistic sculpture of a snapping turtle that only a mother snapping turtle could love.😘:-)

All the paraphernalia for carving

Man, do I need a lot of gizmos to chainsaw carve! Here’s a pricey wheel barrow load of my equipment plus a generator, etc. while carving at Fairy Lake, Southampton.

Ducks @ Fairy Lake -step 2

Final day for getting my ducks in a row. Most challenging was the male duck feeding at the back of the line. Eventually got the look I wanted.

Monarch @ Fairy Lake -step 3

Then came the detailing. Always the most important, always the most challenging. I’m happy with the 3 chrysalis’ and the added metal to enhance the antennae and legs. I’m truly learning more and more about Monarch butterflies as I go. For an example, Monarchs are insects with six legs, dehowever, they have tiny front legs […]