Custom Bird Bath Carving with 3 Birds

Carving BirdBath with birds

I carved a maple stump in a backyard into a bird bath with three birds at its rim.  The birds are a cardinal, blue jay and a chicakdee. It was a real challenge carving with a chainsaw such small scale birds. Plus the heat was fierce as there was no wind or shade with a […]

Carving in BC

Good fun! Took the opportunity to carve a Douglas fir at a family friend’s place in the Langley area. As a fisherman, he wanted a Tyee Chinook salmon plus an eagle above since eagles are always cruising the skies above their place.

Pierced Carvings and a Wabbit

Today, carved two stumps by Lake Huron in the park. Pierced carving allows the back lit stumps to show off the light from Lake Huron. The rabbit is in a stump with a large rotten core. That’s why he’s fat to avoid the rotten core.

The Beginning of Carving 20 Stumps

The large carving project for Saugeen Shores has now begun. The task is 20 carvings at 18 locations across the North Shore Park, Port Elgin. Stump #1 is by the kids splash pad, thus I want a ‘wet theme’ with a frog, a duck and eventually some cattails. This picture is just the start. Thrilled […]

Four Pondering Bearded Guys

These four bearded guys are pondering about … many things. Carved from my cedar cutoffs from larger carvings. Great accent pieces in your outdoor decor or inside the cottage/house where much thinking occurs.

Port Elgin Harbour Carving Project – the beginning

A devastating semi tornada severely damaged many trees in the Port Elgin harbour park To start the beautification of this highly popular area, many plans are underway by Saugeen Shores. One of these plans is the carving of some of the remaining cedar stumps. Numerous stumps have been identified across the park that I will […]

Woodpecker Rehab

This woodpecker carving didn’t fair well in the outdoors, so he came back to the shop for some TLC. Bit of a process, but ready to head out for the the summer of 2022.

Snow Dog

It’s winter, gotta carve snow. After the last melt and snow dump, carved a big ‘little dog’.

Jabba the Snow Hutt

It’s winter, gotta carve snow. Snow pile worked well for Jabba the Snow Hutt.

Sailor with Beer on his Mind

A customer requested this flat headed sailor outdoor table to allow guests to have a resting place for those cold frothy brews on a summer evening. Excellent idea. Makes me thirsty!