Otters on Otter Crescent

otter swimming down

This has to be one of my biggest custom jobs in a long time. Four dead ash trees were converted into otters standing, swimming up, swimming down and peaking out of holes in the stumps. Along with two lily pads. Because the tree stump are in such close proximity to each other, I had to […]

The ‘Looking Ahead’ carving installed

I’m thrilled to have had the privilege of creating a carving for the 25th year of the Huron Fringe Birding Festival. Hope the birders are OK with my ‘likeness’ of a redstart bird😁

The Redstart’s use of Binoculars

After much fussing, I got the redstart connected to the hands. Studied a range of bird books to get an acceptable colour scheme for the bird. Airbrush is a nice tool. 😊

Hands holding Binos

Working on the hands holding binoculars with a redstart bird on top. This will be to celebrate the 25th year of the Huron Fringe Bird Festival. Certainly had been a challenge; sculpting the hands, forming ‘binos’ and figuring out to put the bird on top. Good fun!

Loading up on carving blocks

It’s that time of year to load up on carving wood for the summer season. I’m not as organized as some Carvers that already have much of their summer inventory of carvings underway. I see so many potential carvings from these beautiful blocks of wood!

CanCarve is used for Covid 19 PSA

The Town of Saugeen Shores used the carvings around Fairy Lake, Southampton for one of its Public Service Announcements during the Covid 19 pandemic.

My new carving tool

This unique gizmo that attaches to a angle grinder allows me to carve those tricky hard to reach places.

Homeless Guys

Looking for a deal in outdoor decor? These fellows are mostly coffee table height. Perfect for placing plants and your favorite beverage on whole enjoying the outdoors. Deal: 50% off ($100/ carving reduced to $50). Ends April 1, 2020.

2019 chainsaw carving

It has been a great year of carving in 2019. Birds, on- site carving of a stump, sand carving and always an assortment of bears and good looking guys😀

Off to the races

Recently carved this Nascar bear for a customer 🏁🏎️🏁🏎️