The Redstart’s use of Binoculars

After much fussing, I got the redstart connected to the hands. Studied a range of bird books to get an acceptable colour scheme for the bird. Airbrush is a nice tool. 😊

Hands holding Binos

Working on the hands holding binoculars with a redstart bird on top. This will be to celebrate the 25th year of the Huron Fringe Bird Festival. Certainly had been a challenge; sculpting the hands, forming ‘binos’ and figuring out to put the bird on top. Good fun!

Carving at the Tara Craftshow

Through the flying wood chips, sleet, rain and gusty winds, I did have fun carving at the Tara Craftshow for two days. Met a lot of great people.

Rough owl arrives in our backyard

In our brand new backyard we had one cedar badly leaning into the neighbours yard after all the construction in our yard. Sadly it had to come down. The tree base became a rough carved owl. In the spring I’ll sand him and make him all pretty like!