The Redstart’s use of Binoculars

After much fussing, I got the redstart connected to the hands. Studied a range of bird books to get an acceptable colour scheme for the bird. Airbrush is a nice tool. 😊

Need the Human Touch

This sculpture will be fully assembled for the Elora Sculpture Project. The piece stresses the importance of the human touch in communication, shown by the hand exploding out of the cell phone.

Carving at the Tara Craftshow

Through the flying wood chips, sleet, rain and gusty winds, I did have fun carving at the Tara Craftshow for two days. Met a lot of great people.

My new carving tool

This unique gizmo that attaches to a angle grinder allows me to carve those tricky hard to reach places.

Carving in January.. and it’s not ice!

It’s January and it’s plus 8 Celsius! Took out a chunk of white ash that fell to the evil EAB and did my first carving of 2018. Felt good giving my battery operated chainsaw a solid workout. I rediscovered my carving muscles. Ouch.😬

Buffalos of Hanover

Just finished carving two buffalo heads into a multi stump of maple. Challenging, but fun.

What a day ☀

Art on the Fence was on a beautiful day. Met lots of great people coming by the booth. The sunshine and the calm wind certainly helped the day!

Art on the Fence

Packed and ready to go to the Southampton Art on the Fence tomorrow; August 6. Come and check out painters, wood workers and me! Down town by the flag pole.

Bear with The Sillies

This bear is enjoying an excellent book of children poetry written by Judith Buxton and illustrated by Peter Storck.