Loading up on carving blocks

It’s that time of year to load up on carving wood for the summer season. I’m not as organized as some Carvers that already have much of their summer inventory of carvings underway. I see so many potential carvings from these beautiful blocks of wood!

The Cardinal Rule2

This is beginning of a challenge to myself. I want to carve hands and their countless expressive positions. Very challenging to carve realistic hands. Love the challenge.

Santas 2022

Finished all my 2022 Santas before our first snowfall. They are all going to merry homes for Christmas. Now, I’m moving forward with new carving projects.

Carved bear bugged by milkweed bugs

We’ve had a few warm days now in November, resulting in the large milkweed bugs congregating on the bear for warmth. Good luck with that!

It was a Mammoth Undertaking

The challenge was to restore the Tara, Ontario mammoth. The Mammoth had serious rot damage along the length of her back. Two days of back surgery with the assistance of Ken, brought this pachyderm back to her proud self.

Many Morel Mushrooms

A past customer from 15+ years ago requested these 4 morel mushrooms. In general, morel mushrooms hold such interesting patterns

Easter Island Head, turtle and flames

Created this stump carving for a Southampton resident. It was especially fun making quality pouty Easter island head lips and proper flames and their associated colours. Love learning these little things!

Sculpting in Sand

Participated in two sand sculpture events this summer; Port Elgin and Sauble Beach. Lots of energy moving easily a ton of sand each time for the pack up and pounding. Really enjoyed these opportunities.