Buffalos of Hanover

Just finished carving two buffalo heads into a multi stump of maple. Challenging, but fun.

Buffalo times

Practicing in clay for a multiple stump carving. A buffalo head is an impressive thing indeed.

I See Foxes!

Diversifying my range of animals to carve. Currently practicing in modeling clay the knife (eventual chainsaw) cuts to make foxes. Good fun while waiting for the last puff of winter to pass through.

Spring is coming soon

My throttle finger for the carving saw is getting twitchy. What am I looking forward to trying this spring? Plan to do some serious carving with a battery operated saw. Stay tuned. My log pile is ready to go.

For Sale-Five Foot Carved Bear

Just finished carving a 5 foot bear on a 2 foot stump. The wood is white pine. The bear has not been finished, that is why I am willing to sell him as is for $450.00. In two weeks I’ll be finishing him up much like the bears on my site (CanCarve.com). Then the price […]

Terry Fox in Havelock

Terry Fox is such an inspirational Canadian icon for the fight to beat cancer. I was asked to carve a facsimile of Terry Fox in a white pine stump at the front of the Country Gables B&B near Havelock. Doug and Elaine, the owners of the B&B, billeted Terry Fox in Havelock during his epic […]

Tree Stump Carving of Ravens and a Wolf

Port Hope Custom Carving

Last week was great for carving. The temperature was perfect, the humidity was low and the sun was shining! Completed a custom chainsaw carving at the home of Kim and Don in  Port Hope, ON. The black locust tree stump was carved into two ravens and a a wolf amongst black stones. Kim and Don […]

Owls of Southampton

Owl of Southampton

Last summer – 2013, I carved two owls in stumps located at a property in Southampton, Ontario. One owl is in the backyard and one owl meets all who come into the driveway. The house number has been carved into the rocks below the owl. I also carved a small lighthouse that resides in the […]