Carving in BC

Good fun! Took the opportunity to carve a Douglas fir at a family friend’s place in the Langley area. As a fisherman, he wanted a Tyee Chinook salmon plus an eagle above since eagles are always cruising the skies above their place.

The ‘Looking Ahead’ carving installed

I’m thrilled to have had the privilege of creating a carving for the 25th year of the Huron Fringe Birding Festival. Hope the birders are OK with my ‘likeness’ of a redstart bird😁

Need the Human Touch in Fergus

Need the Human Touch carving in Fergus

Well it’s done, it took awhile, learned a lot about carving hands and airbrushing, now it’s time to let go. I’m excited to see the response by the public. It’s located at the corner of St David St and St Patrick St in Fergus

The Redstart’s use of Binoculars

After much fussing, I got the redstart connected to the hands. Studied a range of bird books to get an acceptable colour scheme for the bird. Airbrush is a nice tool. 😊

Hands holding Binos

Working on the hands holding binoculars with a redstart bird on top. This will be to celebrate the 25th year of the Huron Fringe Bird Festival. Certainly had been a challenge; sculpting the hands, forming ‘binos’ and figuring out to put the bird on top. Good fun!

Loading up on carving blocks

It’s that time of year to load up on carving wood for the summer season. I’m not as organized as some Carvers that already have much of their summer inventory of carvings underway. I see so many potential carvings from these beautiful blocks of wood!

Need the Human Touch

This sculpture will be fully assembled for the Elora Sculpture Project. The piece stresses the importance of the human touch in communication, shown by the hand exploding out of the cell phone.

Getting Stuffed food bank fundraiser

This year the Artist in the Wind, Bob Ross will be at our house to help raise funds for the foodbank between October 20 and October 31. It was challenging constructing Bob for this event!

Carving at the Tara Craftshow

Through the flying wood chips, sleet, rain and gusty winds, I did have fun carving at the Tara Craftshow for two days. Met a lot of great people.