Gerald Guenkel is a wood carver, living now near the Bruce Peninsula by Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. His specialty is creating sculptures using chainsaws and other power tools. He will also put down the power tools on occasion to hand carve large custom, solid wood doors for clients.

Throughout his life, Gerald has been fascinated by the human face. This is apparent in his ability to capture facial expressions on paper, small carvings and most recently through his chainsaw carvings and now hand carved doors.
Like many artists, Gerald started his passion as a hobby. His techniques have been solely self-taught over the past nineteen years, and he has developed and modified his skills through the never ending learning process.

Today, Gerald’s work can be viewed at chainsaw carving demonstrations, exhibitions and recognized art and craft shows. He is becoming known for his quality workmanship and has been commissioned to construct pieces for institutions, municipalities and private individuals across Canada and USA. Currently he is becoming known also for his hand carved solid wood doors and one of kind carved furniture.               Gerald loves a carving challenge, call him!

The CanCarve ‘Carver” Painted by Kathy Guenkel